The system is a wireless monitoring and control SCADA system based on National Instruments’ industry standard hardware and software technologies. The system’s main purpose is automatically and manually (local/remote) switching and diming of streetlights from the control center based on schedules and events to reduce street light energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions. The system also detects lamp failures and provides remote reporting options using a geographical information system (GIS) and a web-based application.


System Functions

  • Real-time monitoring of lamp statuses (On/Off)
  • Real-time monitoring of lamp dimming level (%)
  • Automatic control of lamp groups per schedule
  • Automatic adjustment of schedule and dimming level based on sun brightness
  • Historical data handling and monitoring
  • Alarms handling and monitoring
  • Basic analysis (voltage RMS, current RMS, frequency)
  • Power analysis (active/reactive/apparent powers, power factor, vector diagram for voltage and current)
  • Web client interfaces
  • Different authentication levels

System Components

  • Central Server (CS): It includes real time and historical databases and communication gateway
  • Operator Workstation (OWS): It includes SCADA monitoring and control, basic power quality monitoring and configuration of settings
  • RTUs: It includes simultaneous high speed data acquisition from the selected power channels and streams the waveforms to its local hard drive or directly to a remote PC.


  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Fast and effective maintenance due to fast and exact fault identification
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Comfortable lightness on the street

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