The proposed system could be applied to any existing residential areas, to add more savings in energy, water and gas consumption and to provide comfort to habitants. The system will automatically care of the security system, HVAC control, lighting control, irrigation system, surveillance system, gate and door control.

The system uses industrial computer and information technology to control home appliances and features.

Systems can range from simple remote control of lighting through to complex computer/micro-controller based networks with varying degrees of intelligence and automation. Home automation is adopted for reasons of ease, security and energy efficiency.


System Functions

  • HVAC Control by:
    • Manual
    • Auto (by specifying set point)
    • Schedule
    • Occupancy Detection
  • Inside/Outside Lighting Control by:
    • Manual
    • Auto (by specifying brightness)
    • Schedule (by daytime)
    • Occupancy Detection
  • Security System
    • Manual
    • Authentication on each entrance
    • Special Motion and Occupancy Detection
    • Statuses of the windows, entrance doors and gates
    • Status updating by a voice notification
    • Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm
    • Automat control of electronic locks of the doors
    • Alarm notifications by email and SMS
  • Special Wake, Away, Home and Goodnight modes to automatically control the lights, HVAC and other facilities in the house
  • Power, water and gas Consumption Measurement
  • Monthly reports for the consumption
  • Ability to control and monitor home facilities remotely from an iPad or iPhone
  • Weather Station
  • Automated Irrigation System
  • Live video surveillance on iPad and iPhone

System Components

  • Main Communication Server (MCS): It includes real time and historical database and communication gateway
  • Operator Workstation (OWS): It includes SCADA monitoring and control, basic and advanced power quality monitoring and configuration of settings
  • Weather station: It is cRIO based, linked to the main software and provides data of: Temperature, Relative humidity, Solar radiation, Wind direction and speed, Soil temperature, ET factor, Rainfall.
  • cRIO-100: It includes scheduling the irrigation of 30 channels, electrical faults detection, pump power quality monitoring and pump control power faults monitoring
  • sbRIO-200: It includes scheduling the irrigation of 30 channels, electrical faults detection and pump control power faults monitoring


  • Optimal usage of electricity, gas, and water resources
  • Faster and comfortable control over house hold assets
  • Remote monitoring and control of major and critical assets
  • Automatic handling of security
  • Better comfort, better life

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