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  • Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
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The Challenge

Designing a laboratory facility that is a model of a real home with air ventilation, motion and occupancy detection systems, a security system (day and night video surveillance, door monitoring), and lighting control for hands-on study.

The Solution

To meet the customer’s requirements, we created the smart house research platform with motion and occupancy sensor-based security systems; day and night video surveillance-based security systems; motion and occupancy detection-based on sensors and cameras; an air ventilation system with manual/automated/scheduled control; lightning monitoring and manual/automated control; power quality analysis; smart management with authorization levels; and gate and voice management systems.


Full Case Study

We connected our whole system to the specialized control software that is implemented with the LabVIEW graphical programming language. The software renders a virtual operating diagram of the facility so operators can interactively monitor and control any modeled processes and simulations in hardware emergency situations.

This program’s major contribution is that it provides optimal settings for the real systems to improve their efficiency and different preference-based operation methods to use the resources.

We included the power analysis system to provide energy efficiency. The students can compare the traditional systems with the energy efficient systems and their influences on the environment.



List of Experiments

  • Study of WSN technology
  • Study of CompactRIO technology
  • Outside lighting control system
  • Room lighting control system
  • Room HVAC control system
  • Roof authentication control system
  • Main entrance authentication control system
  • Surveillance control system
  • Absence control system
  • Smart house complex control system

System Features and Benefits

  • The educational system is a copy of the Real Home Automation System
  • Students can learn how to work with the Real Home Automation System
  • Students can control and monitor the lighting system and the air ventilation system based on people present and investigate the work of motion and occupancy detection systems

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